Fixing potholes in February

February 20, 2009 2:37:48 PM PST
Winter's not yet over, but road repair crews are already pouring new pavement and filling potholes.PennDOT workers go directly from salting and plowing the roads to repairing them.

Although drivers don't typically see the real problems begin for a few weeks, this year, crews had to get a jump start on the repairs.

"This has kind of been a little strange for a February, it's been a lot warmer than it usually is. We're coming off a cold front, so what happens is water sits in there and freezes Heat comes in and is going to expand and contract and you're going to form potholes," said Nick Martino of PennDOT.

Along Route 202 in Thornbury these roadway nusances are even more prevalent early in the season because of the heavy volume of traffic and the highway has aged quite a bit.

"I hit a pothole and my front-right tire developed a big out-pouching, which if my husband hadn't noticed I probably could have blown out on the road with my kids and cost us a lot of money," said Paula Axenfield of West Chester, Pa.

Local auto repair shops along 202 say damage from potholes can cost drivers thousands of dollars.

With the temperatures fluctuating over the past few weeks, crews say fixing even the smallest ones are important for driver safety and for the over all maintenance of the road.

This kind of preventative work has really helped crews. Ten years ago they were fixing about 1,000 potholes a season. Now they're down to about 500.

"Plus we're doing a lot of paving from the funding we were getting, so this is really cutting down on our potholes," Martino said.

And if you live in the city of Philadelphia, you can report any potholes by visiting or by calling 215-686-5560.

For the rest of Pennsylvania, call 1-800-FIX-ROAD.

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