10-year-old scout receives highest honors

March 18, 2009 3:45:44 PM PDT
Boy Scouts are calling a 10-year-old Bucks County boy a hero who helped save a young life. 10-year-old Boy Scout L.J. Bock of Doylestown has been awarded the Scout's Certificate of Merit for his quick thinking and heroism.

Several months ago, he and his family visited the Driftwood Camping Resort in Cape May Courthouse.

He jumped into the pool when he saw another child at the bottom of the water.

L.J. realized immediately that the boy was in big trouble.

"He was blue and he was still as a rock," L.J. said.

L.J. quickly yelled out to his mom, Marge, for help. She then jumped in after the youngster, who was only 5-years-old.

By chance, two Philadelphia firefighters were also at the pool and started CPR.

The boy was then transported to a nearby hospital and eventually taken to Children Hospital of Philadelphia for further care.

L.J.'s quick thinking made a difference in the life of a little boy who was moments away from certain death, earning him the Certificate of Merit, which is one of the highest honors a Boy Scout can receive.

"He's learned his lessons and he's done a good job and there's another person alive today because of it," Assistant Scout Master George Mill said.

"I'm so proud to be his mother, his father's proud to be his father, he did exactly what you would want any 10-year-old to do and that's tell an adult," Marge said.

"It doesn't seem like a big thing to me, but I know it really is," L.J. said

In all the confusion, the Bock family never exchanged information with the victim's family and would love to know how the 5-year-old is doing.

If you know the 5-year-old you can contact the Bocks through the Bucks County Scout Council at 215 348-7205.

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