Great Life Makeover

June 14, 2009 10:55:06 AM PDT
We'd like to not only live longer, but better, right? Two Philadelphia doctors have a plan to help folks do just that with something called a "life" makeover.

A couple of years ago, Bob and Bev Kistler of Allentown, Pa., were experiencing a so-called "energy shortage."

As Bob describes it, "It wasn't to the point where at the end of the day, I was exhausted. I was just non-stop exhausted."

Bev says, "I was tired, very tired, I mean working and running the children around. You know, it just seemed like there was no time left for us."

The Kistlers wanted out of that rut.

So they turned to doctors from Jefferson University's Myrna Brind Center for Integrative Medicine, to piece their health back together.

Doctors Dan Monti and Anthony Bazzan have authored a book called The Great Life Makeover. They hope to help more people enjoy middle age to its fullest.

The doctors say there are common challenges in middle age - like weight, mood, and sexual function.

Dr. Monti says, "These three issues are very inter-related."

The first step is a physical, including blood tests.

"We look at their biological functioning, hormonal levels, but also look at many other biological variables," says Dr. Monti.

Food choices also play a crucial role in health.

So the doctors recommended more "living" foods, and less processed ones.

Dr. Bazzan says, "The right food will turn out a good version of you. The bad food will turn out a non-happy version of you."

The doctors also work to correct imbalances in the body's hormone system. And after making slight adjustments.... Along with a better diet and more sleep, the Kistlers say they've been revived.

Bob says, "It's made a tremendous impact in my lifestyle, and my quality, and my happiness. I mean clearly, I am a happier person."

For more on Drs. Monti and Bazzan, and their Great Life Makeover, click here.

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