Seeking justice for "Baby Bones"

July 28, 2009 3:22:24 PM PDT
There is a new effort to find out what happened to a child whose remains were found in Monmouth County, New Jersey.Teams of State Police, firefighters and kids from Trenton's Police Explorers group fanned out throughout the city knocking on doors, putting leaflets on cars and mailboxes and taping up fliers, all in an effort to identify a little girl.

The skeleton of the unknown 5 to 8 year old girl was found partially burned in a park in Upper Freehold Twp. back in 2005.

She's known to police as "Baby Bones."

"We're hoping to generate some tips to say that she resembles somebody, that could give us a lead in the investigation to determine who this little child is," said Det. Steve Urbanski of the New Jersey State Police.

The facial reconstruction from the girl's skull was created by Philadelphia forensic artist Frank Bender. The mystery girl's DNA has been checked against national and international databases with no luck.

Now, detectives are hoping they can warm up this cold case by blanketing local neighborhoods with her likeness.

"Somebody from the public is in a different situation today than they were back then. They may be willing to come forward now," said Charlie Mazzarella of the Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

The plan is to canvas the entire city to see if the pictures jog anyone's memory. And if they have no luck in Trenton, detectives say they'll keep moving from city to city.

"We have a small child that never got a chance at life, that somebody discarded her like a piece of garbage, so I think we owe it to her to have some justice for this child," Det. Urbanski said.

In fact detectives say it may have been a parent or guardian who killed Baby Bones because the child was never reported missing.

Police are determined to find answers and are asking the public's help.