"Dragonbutter" is an immersive sci-fi video game experience

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Brian Sander's Junk debuts "Dragonbutter," an immersive sci-fi video game experience

After months playing videos games during the lockdown, a local artist decided to turn his gaming habit into a performance experience, one that turns audience members into gamers too.

"Dragonbutter: Beta Trials" is equal parts art installation, escape room and immersive theater experience that transports participants into a science-fiction video game.

"As soon as you walk in the door, we do a really good job of folding you into the experience," says Brian Sanders the Artistic Director for Dragonbutter.

First step? Get suited up and dressed with props. And follow along, as the story of Dr. Livingston, a mad scientist cooped up in his laboratory unfolds.

"Dr. Livingston was splicing gene, he was looking at dragonflies and butterflies," explains Brian.

Eventually he creates a hybrid Dragon-butterfly creature.

Sanders adds, "It's actually pretty lethal dragon butter. And it has the mind of Dr. Livingston implanted into the mechanism itself."

The hour-long production takes place in an 8,000-square-foot warehouse at 2nd and Spring Garden Streets

"The building hasn't been inhabited since the 80's!" Brian reveals.

There are 10-15 rooms to explore.

"There are several rooms that you literally have to escape," Sanders says, "You're shooting live creatures and you know, things come flying at you."

Jess Adams, a Performer for Brian Sanders' Junk says, "I play the role of EFT...I am one of Dr. Professors assistants. We want you to have fun and interact with us. So do that all up!"

Sanders adds, "It's quite a thrill ride from beginning to end."

It ends with players going up against the dragon butter.

Dragonbutter Beta Trails
200 Spring Garden Street, Philadelphia PA 19123

Through July 26 with limited dates and capacity, additional performances have been added this fall Sept. 2-Oct. 3.
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