WeTrain app offers affordable personal training sessions

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A new smartphone app is making it easier and cheaper to work out with a personal trainer.

It's kind of like Uber for fitness. Using the WeTrain app, you can order a professional trainer to meet you at any location for a 30 or 60-minute workout.

It's convenient and is more affordable than what you can find at many gyms.

I tested the app and met fitness trainer Juliano DiSimone at a local park.

Setting up the session was simple. Just open the We Train app, pick a time and a workout and then pin the location.

I choose a 30-minute full body workout - and it was no joke.

The app was created by Jonathan Sockel, soon-to-be Wharton grad, and Zach Hertzel, a fitness professional and Army veteran who's served in Iraq and Afghanistan.

They saw several issues with the current system of personal training. For many, it wasn't convenient OR affordable.

"We teamed up and said hey let's bridge the gap. Let's bring highly personalized service at group fitness prices," said Hertzel.

With a membership fee, a 30-minute session will cost you $15 dollars. A 60-minute session costs $25.

Sockel says trainers can come to any location, even a small office.

They bring all the equipment and every trainer has gone through a 6-step vetting process.

"A they're certified, B proof of insurance, C background check and then they sign a code of conduct, come in an interview with a member of our team," said Sockel.

Plus, he says there's a rating system to maintain quality.

Juliano tells me clients are all levels and all ages.

"We have a 20-year-old all the way up to 86," he said.

You can also stick with the same trainer or mix it up.

"You find the trainers shift to what they're passionate about that goes from strength training to martial arts to yoga, pilates, that kind of thing," said Sockel.

Sockel says fitness for him has become a way of life. He lost 60 pounds and feels fantastic. He's hoping WeTrain helps make that possible for everyone.

The trainers also earn double the national average which the founders say also helps attract quality trainers.

A monthly membership is $49.95. That gets you the low training prices or you can pay a bit more as a non-member.

You can find the details on www.wetrain.fitness.

Action News viewers can use the promotion code 6abc to try a free 30-minute session.

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