Philadelphia home care agency delivering food to seniors and communities in need

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Thursday, November 25, 2021
Home care agency delivering food to seniors and communities in need
A local organization is working to get food to seniors and partnering with food banks to ensure it makes it to the communities most in need.

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- Every day Alex Berenson and his team pick up meals for seniors and sort them by neighborhood at Care & Help Home Care.

"We're a Philadelphia-based home care agency," said Berenson. "Our mission is our patients' comfort."

Berenson says once they realized their senior patients needed help with meals, they started to supply that too. Since April, fresh meals have been delivered to seniors, like pilaf and chicken. patronizes local businesses, like Cafe Light, to supply ethnic-centric food to cater to all the communities they serve.

Joel Jerome, a sous chef at Cafe Light, has been preparing these meals daily for seniors.

"We provide different menus, different cuisine. The restaurant is specialized in Russian cuisine," said Jerome.

"Different ethnicities are used to certain things from their own countries," added Berenson.

The agency decided to work with various restaurants to supply different cuisines so that they could also serve the Korean and Spanish communities as well.

"We provide them with hot meals on a daily basis," said Berenson. "Typically, you have a protein and a starch."

Berenson says is currently delivering about 200 meals a day.

Karen Savage, a certified nursing assistant, says she enjoys delivering the meals to seniors.

"The seniors are my heart," she said. "So you just want to make them smile and give them a good day." has also partnered with Philabundance and Small Things Philadelphia to bring boxes of food to those in need.

"We do it at least once a week," said Berenson. "It's great working together with them." distributes food at different locations around the city. Recently, they offered a drive-through at Concilio.

Executive Director of Concilio, Adonis Banegas, says the drive-through at their location is offered twice a month.

"They're great at partnering with organizations such as ourselves," said Banegas. "And anything that we can do like this to help out is part of our mission and our job to do."

"Philabundance is a great organization. Small Things Philadelphia is also giving a lot to us," said Berenson.

Alex Ferman, Director of Community Relations at, says the boxes provided contain some non-perishable items, along with fresh produce. Recipients will get an assortment of vegetables and fruit.

Ferman says a lot of the families at the drive-through events come to get boxes for seniors.

"It's really a community thing. Everybody's trying to help one another," said Ferman.

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