6 Minute Meal: Moshulu's Spicy Shrimp with Thai Vegetable & Herb Salad

The Meal: The Deck on the Moshulu's Spicy Shrimp with Thai Vegetable & Herb Salad, Toasted Peanuts, Chili Lime
Serves 2

8 oz large peeled/ no tail shrimp
Chef Tip: Look for shrimp with the lowest sodium content, which is an indicator of minimal processing and additives. The chef used size 8 to 12 shrimp. The number refers to the amount of shrimp per pound so the lower the number, the bigger the shrimp. The bigger the shrimp, the longer it takes to cook.
1 qt shredded white or Napa cabbage
1 Julienne carrot
2 thinly sliced radishes
1 scallion diced
5 cherry tomatoes halved
diced jalapeno peppers to taste (optional for an extra kick)
1 Peeled large dice mango
Chef Tip: You can buy pre-made cole slaw mix and pre-chopped fruit & veggies to significantly reduce prep time
2 cups baby arugula
1/2 cup mixed Thai basil leaves, cilantro and mint leaves
Chef Tip: The fresh herbs are what's going to really boost the flavor of the dish, creating what the chef calls a flavor bomb
1/4 cup chopped toasted peanuts
1 ea large firm avocado peeled diced

Chili lime vinaigrette for dressing
Chef Tip: You can buy or make your own. (Chef's recipe below)
You want like a really strong vinaigrette for this because it helps all of the ingredients come together & gives it a nice authentic flavor
Chili oil or xo sauce for garnish sauce
Chef Tip: XO sauce is a very dense Chinese sauce found at Asian markets. Use sparingly for a great salty umami punch of flavor
Black sesame seeds, lime wedges and micro sisho (all optional garnishes to finish)

Pan sear shrimp and drizzle with chili lime to slightly caramelize.
Turn after approx. 2 minutes when you start to see some char
Chef Tip: You can also prepare shrimp on the grill
Prepare salad while shrimp is cooking
Mix all vegetables, herbs and mango
Toss with the same chili lime vinaigrette used on shrimp
Brush a thin layer of XO sauce on the bottom of 2 bowls for a nice salty surprise sauce at the end
Pile the vegetable, herb, mango salad high

Top with toasted peanuts
Garnish with black sesame seeds, lime wedges and micro shiso if desired
Add in your cooked shrimp
Drizzle sparingly xo sauce on top & dig in

Chili Lime Vinaigrette
Chef Tip: Make extra and store in refrigerator. It's great to use on any Asian noodle or vegetable salad
Mix equal parts lime juice, sugar or honey and fish sauce
Add sambal or sirachi to taste

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