'No More Silence End the Violence': Peaceful march in Philadelphia to end gun violence

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- A march was held Saturday from 30th Street to City Hall in Philadelphia, called No More Silence End the Violence. The peaceful march was organized by Kiana Farlow, a Philadelphia Police Officer.

"Drill team saved my life growing up as a child," said Farlow.

Farlow organized the march for step teams and drum lines to come together with law enforcement, to encourage the city's youth to march to the beat of love.

"The drill team can save a life," said Farlow, "We want to love you, join a drill team where you can find structure and find a way out."

Farlow said joining a drill team can give kids structure to stay away from gun violence, and she wants to see more funding for these programs.

Steppers says Saturday's performance took a lot of practice.

"We came out here to step, and have fun, even though it was a lot of work," said Aisha Hankins, from Fairmount.

Parents we spoke with say they are proud of the positive message their children are sending.

"She's doing something out here for the community, she's enjoying it, she takes time and dedication," said Jazz James, a parent of a stepper who performed.

Young Flames, a youth rap group known for songs about ending gun violence, also marched with the crowd from 30th street to City Hall.

"We're like a part of the community, we like to help each other out," said Safee Johnson, with Young Flames.

The West Powelton Steppers and Drum Squad performed, which is one of the groups Farlow said young people can join.

"We're here to unify with our community, our local law enforcement, and let them all know we stand by them, we stand by our community, and the work is not done, we're just getting started," said Antoine Mall with the West Poweltown Steppers, and the Sixers Stixers.

At the end of the march, the group gathered in front of City Hall to talk about different ways to end violence in the city.
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