6abc Beating the Odds Against Breast Cancer

1. Limit your alcohol consumption.
2. Abstain from smoking.
3. Control your weight.

4. Stay physically active.
5. Have regular conversations with your doctor.
6. Be your own health advocate.

Early detection can be lifesaving when it comes to Breast Cancer. Mammograms, clinical exams, and self-exams help detect lumps and allow you to become familiar with your breasts, so you know what is normal versus abnormal. Always check with your healthcare provider to determine what is best for you.
Understanding a Breast Cancer Diagnosis

The American Cancer Society offers an annual mammogram reminder that can be found here.

When it comes to your breast health, don't be fooled by rumors and misinformation. Understand the facts. Put your knowledge to the test and take the American Cancer Society's Breast Cancer quiz.