6 Minute Meal & Deal: Sedition's Spanish Octopus Salad

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Wednesday, February 20, 2019
6 Minute Meal & Deal: Sedition's Spanish Octopus Salad
In this week's 6 Minute Meal, Alicia Vitarelli has the recipe for Sedition's Spanish Octopus Salad.

The Meal: Sedition Executive Chef Rafael Rodriguez' Spanish Octopus Salad. The dish comes from his grandmother who made it all the time when he was growing up.


1 Octopus fresh/or canned octopus

Chef Tip: If you buy the octopus in the can, it's ready to go. If you buy it fresh, it's more time-consuming. See chef's preparation below, which can be done ahead of time.

1 Idaho potato

cup Almonds

2 Lemons

cup Roasted peppers

3 Garlic cloves

Fresh herbs like parsley, chives

1 tbsp. Capers

cup Sherry vinegar


2 tsp Smoked paprika

Salt n pepper (kosher salt, coarse blk pepper)

2 cups White wine


The Octopus:

If cooking with fresh octopus, place octopus in roasting pan with wine and 1 whole lemon cut in half. Add black pepper and garlic clove. Cover and cook for 1 hour @ 350-degrees.

Remove octopus and cool. Clean tentacles with a paper towel removing the purple skin careful not to remove suckers.

Put octopus on grill to get a nice char

Chef Tip: if using canned octopus, you would start with this step, as it's already cooked

Chef Tip: You can sauté the octopus on the stovetop rather than grilling

The Potato:

Wash potato and cover in olive oil, then roll in salt.

Bake potato until cooked. Once cool, cut potato into medium cubes, set aside.

Chef Tip: The potato can be pre-baked and stored in the refrigerator

Fry potato in olive oil, salt, pepper, add smoke paprika.

Chef Tip: If you don't have a fryer, sauté in a little bit of olive oil on low heat to get the potatoes golden brown and crispy

The Romesco Sauce:

Toast almonds in the oven until golden brown at 350-degrees.

Chef Tip: Almonds can be roasted ahead of time and used on all sorts of dishes or just enjoyed as is. They roast fairly quickly, in 7-10m depending on how dark you like your roast.

Remove almonds and place in food processor with 2 cloves garlic, juice of 1 lemon, red peppers, and sherry vinegar.

Begin processing and slowly add olive oil until blended.

Add salt and pepper to taste.

The Salad:

Mix capers, roasted peppers, fresh herbs of your choice, lemon and olive oil in a bowl.

Cut octopus in half and roll it in the mixture


Brush a generous swath of romesco on the bottom of your plate. This is your base

Pile high with potatoes

Put octopus on the top of the pile

Top with microgreens *Optional

Drizzle with a little olive oil and enjoy

The Deal: Dine at Sedition through Tuesday, February 19th and you'll get 15% off your bill if you tell them you saw the feature on 6abc.


727 Walnut St (lower level)

Philadelphia, PA 19106

(215) 391-1100



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