ACCT Philly sees spike in surrendered pets due to eviction moratoriums, vet fees

"Ideally, we would have 58 dogs...we're at over 100," said ACCT Philly spokesperson Sarah Barnett.
PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) -- ACCT Philly Animal Care and Control Team along Hunting Park Avenue is beyond their max capacity.

The shelter is packed with so many precious pets, especially pups. But the reasons aren't because of people adopting pets during the pandemic.

"Ideally, we would have 58 dogs. That's the ideal number. We're at over 100. We do keep taking them in because there's not another place for these animals to go," said ACCT Philly spokesperson Sarah Barnett.

The shelter says they've seen swarms of people dropping off pets. One reason is the evictions moratorium in Philadelphia, but also for reasons one might not think.

"A lot of animals are being surrendered for medical reasons. People can't get vet care, and it's either they can't afford it, or they're having trouble just getting it. Just the access right now is really tough with the veterinary shortage," Barnett said.

But ACCT Philly said there are several ways people can help out. They encourage pet lovers to foster, even if it's just for a few weeks. They say understanding the animals and their habits is helpful to ultimately getting them adopted. But ACCT Philly is always looking for volunteers.

"You're hanging out with that one cat and petting them, and getting to know them, can actually help find a home," Barnett added. "Taking a dog for a walk and getting them out of the kennel."

The nonprofit is looking to find pets their forever home.

Adopting an animal saves two lives: the animal getting adopted and the new pet they can take in. ACCT Philly encourages people to adopt with them because they are a one-stop-shop.

"You're getting one a new best friend. So that alone is priceless. But we also have pretty low adoption fees. The animals are already spayed and neutered," Barnett said.

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