Top 6 Outdoor Workouts: Remix Fitness in Horsham, Pa.

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Friday, December 11, 2020
Top 6 Outdoor Workouts: Remix Fitness in Horsham
Remix Fitness is remixing what a gym looks like in 2020.

HORSHAM, Pennsylvania (WPVI) -- With both just under 5'5, Tricia Goodman and Mary Cate Wampler don't necessarily look so tough. Let's just say, you've been warned.

In 2018, they opened a boutique style gym called Remix Fitness in Horsham, Pennsylvania.

"Boutique fitness is really personalized. It's smaller classes. You're getting modifications for everything," Wampler said. "We love boutique fitness. We love going to spin class, and going to barre classes, and taking a boot camp class, but it gets expensive going from boutique to boutique."

With their "mix up your workouts" motto and family friendly community, they grew quickly. They didn't even let a pandemic get in the way.

"We started our business in driveways and garages and basements so as crazy as this whole situation has been with the pandemic, getting shut down and having to be outside, this is like - 'we'll, we've done this before,'" said Wampler.

I figured I'd get dressed in workout gear, which was great idea because they have a small gym apparel store attached!

There's so much to choose from, including the workouts: Barre, Pilates, spin bikes, and HIIT (High-intensity interval training) workouts to name a few.

Member Anna Emery said, "They really care. It's a great concept. It's every type of class for truly every level. My mom will do it with me; my husband will do it with me."

"I hope that they get that sense of community, that good feeling, just leave here feeling on top of the world and ready to do anything that they want to do," said Goodman.

Your first class is free, so don't be shy, give Remix Fitness a try! For more information go to