Wilmington native Grammy nominee

December 20, 2007 3:59:23 PM PST
One Grammy handed out in February's ceremony could be coming home to Wilmington, Delaware. The city's own David Bromberg is nominated for the honor. His music is as eclectic as the artwork in his Wilmington home, a distinction that recently earned David Bromberg a Grammy nomination.

"My music is an amalgamation of all kinds of stuff," Bromberg said.

From rock and roll, R and B, blues and country, Bromberg plays it all.

"I never restricted myself to any one thing which made for pretty good shows, I think, but commercially speaking, it was suicide," the Grammy nominee said.

For 22 years Bromberg took a break, playing his guitar only for pure pleasure until he recently put the nominee worthy "Try Me One More Time" CD together, a collection of traditional folk music.

"It's the first recording I've ever done that's had such good reviews," he said.

Bromberg has his own feelings on being invited to the 50th Grammy awards ceremony in February as a nominee.

"I was astounded and delighted. It's very, very nice. I've never come close to a nomination before," Bromberg said.

Aside from making beautiful music, David Bromberg also has a beautiful collection of violins. In fact, his collection is the largest collection of American made violins in the world.

Bromberg has 275 American hand made violins in all; each is a one of a kind, just like David Bromberg.