TV crews also battle the elements

January 18, 2008 5:08:21 AM PST
It's not just the players who'll have to be on their game this coming Sunday in the NFL playoffs.

The TV crews will also have to perform in frigid weather. Temps are expected in the single digits in Green Bay, Wisconsin, where the Packers play the New York Giants.

It will be little better in the Boston area, where the Patriots take on the San Diego Chargers. Winners of this weekend's games will meet in the Super Bowl February 3rd. One cameraman who'll be working the Green Bay game says he hasn't shaved this week, so his beard will give his face a little protection.

He's also going to be wearing every bit of insulated clothing he can find. Fox won't be taking any chances with cameras at Green Bay's Lambeau Field. They'll turn them on tonight and keep them on and warm until after the game Sunday.