Bill Clinton sees a role in White House

January 21, 2008 5:59:29 PM PST
Bill Clinton doesn't want to become the White House's Sasquatch.

The former president says it would be a mistake for him to have a specific job if he were to return to Washington with a new Clinton administration.

"I'd be like the abominable snowman," Clinton told reporters Monday. "I'd be Bigfooting everybody even if I tried not to. There's almost no way you can avoid that."

Clinton said his best use on behalf of his wife, Democratic candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton, were she president, would be "to try to help her talk through all these problems and then to be available for very specific assignments that would not in any way undermine the authority of the vice president or the secretary of state."

Asked if he would live in the White House, Clinton said, "I would anticipate being there, unless you know something I don't."