Mass murderer gets sentenced

January 25, 2008 4:27:12 PM PST
It was sentencing day for mass murderer Llewelyn James. Llewelyn James was 16 when he went on a two-day killing spree in early February of 2002.

Six people were executed by gun during a the two-day rampage. One of them was his aunt. The jury concluded that several killings were done to make sure there were no witnesses.

"This defendant stands convicted of more murders than anyone in the history of Camden County," prosecutor Robert Luther said.

This was the time for impact statements from the victims' families. The mother of Donald Mays, Jr., had two questions for James.

"Why? And my second question is what was his last words? That's all I want to know," Ann Mays said.

The wife of Kaseem Dale said her husband held their one year boy in his arms just hours before his deadly chance encounter with the rampaging James.

"There's a little boy who's seven today, who will have to look at pictures of his daddy, but who will never get to throw a ball with him, never get to walk, never to get to walk with him," Coleen Dale said.

James declined to speak in open court, leaving that to his lawyer.

"His heart goes out to those family members. He maintains his innocence," Jamie Kaigh, James' defense attorney, said.

Judge Thomas Brown gave James 50 years for each murder.

Llewellyn jams gets 315 years in prison. Though, he'll never walk the streets again, people are still asking how could someone so young commit so many monstrous crimes.