Mrs. Fixit: GFCI's

February 17, 2008 5:17:58 AM PST
You probobly simply know gfcis as the outlet with the test and re-set buttons on them. Ground fault circuit interrupters are an important safety feature to have in every home.

These little gadgets shut off power to the outlet if they sense a change in the power current, which can mean the difference between a little shock and a serious electrocution!

You can get GFCI's in three basic types: a portable version, the outlet and the circuit breaker.

The adaptor is a great item to keep in your tool box use it in the basement, the workshop, on your power tools, and lawn equipment. Simply plug it into an existing outlet and then plug your item into the adaptor, complete GFCI protection anywhere you need it.

The second version is the outlet. You should replace every kitchen and bath outlet with a GFCI. Water conducts electricity, and GFCI's shut it off, quick. Enough said.

Finally, there's the circuit breaker GFCI, which works the same way as the outlet version but it is hard wired into the breaker box and will shut off and protect the whole circuit.

Test your GFCI's once a month by plugging in a radio, and hitting the test button. The radio should shut off. When you hit reset, it should come back on! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple.