Retirement home closing in South Philly

February 18, 2008 3:51:51 PM PST
One-hundred-forty people will soon be evicted from their nursing home in South Philadelphia. Their future is uncertain at best.

The faces of the residents of the soon-to-be defunct personal care home tell the story. They are bewildered and frightened because they don't know where they're going to be calling home next.

The Cambridge Retirement Community, where 140 people with serious disabilities have been living for years, will soon close.

The residents were told about the closing a month ago. Now they are now being moved all over town.

The private outfit that owns Cambridge Retirement says they can't keep operating in the red. The owners blame new state regulations for killing their profits.

Eighty-eight residents must still be placed. The care home is set to officially shut down this Sunday, February 24.

Officials with the company told me it is their intention to remain open until all 88 remaining residents have been moved into their new homes.