Shore home renting season begins

February 18, 2008 3:51:06 PM PST
Monday's unseasonably warm weather was just perfect for people who have renting a shore house on their mind. There are lots of keys up for grabs in Ocean City, New Jersey and lots of signs, but rental properties are going fast.

For $900, Trish and Jim Phillips of Folsom, Pennsylvania, found the perfect place to spend a week in Ocean City with their grandson.

"It's steps away from the beach and the rides and he'll be down there every night, so it's perfect," Trish Phillips said.

"We both had the day off. We decided to come down and look around for properties for our vacation," Jim Phillips said.

Realtors at the Jersey shore were expecting families like the Phillips Monday, even when the economy is hitting a rough surf. They know shore bunnies will come in search of a place in the sun

"Our rentals are very strong; probably more people are staying at home. I would think going to vacation more locally, which is good for us, for sure," Clay Rossiter of Fox Real Estate said.

"No matter what goes on, we're coming down to the shore. We don't even think about it, we try to plan ahead," Jim Phillips said.

It's that attitude that keeps realtors happy at the Jersey shore year after year.

There are plenty of places with rental signs on them in Ocean City. Of course, the longer you wait to book your time, the less selection you will have.