Delaware police chase car twice

February 19, 2008 5:34:46 AM PST
State police have found a car -- and are looking for the driver -- involved in two police chases, days apart, in Wilmington.

Police say the driver of the '87 Cadillac Fleetwood was seen speeding and weaving in and out of traffic Monday afternoon on Governor Printz Boulevard near 39th Street, but when a trooper tried to pull the car over, the driver kept going. The Cadillac ran a red light on 11th Street, and the trooper had to give up the chase.

A computer check showed the same car fled from police last Friday, and shortly after Monday's chase, the trooper learned the car had hit two parked cars and crashed into three other cars on 10th Street, sending four people to the hospital with minor injuries.

Wilmington police later found the car abandoned in the middle of the intersection at 23rd and Pine streets.

Information from: WDEL-AM,