Bill Clinton touts wife's economic plan

March 1, 2008 5:07:24 PM PST
Former President Bill Clinton said Saturday his wife is the only Democrat in the presidential race who has a plan to create jobs in a state that needs an economic boost.

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's plan to invest in renewable energy sources offers real change, he told supporters at a rally inside a high school gymnasium in Kirtland, about 15 miles east of Cleveland.

"We're not creating enough jobs," he said. "We're not creating the jobs needed for the future. We're not making the kind of investment necessary to make ourselves competitive."

The former president, who made five campaign stops Friday in Ohio, also planned to rally supporters later Saturday in suburban Cleveland.

Ohio and Texas hold pivotal primaries Tuesday. Bill Clinton has publicly asserted that his wife must defeat rival Barack Obama to keep her campaign alive.

Bill Clinton told the crowd in Kirtland that his wife will be a caring president who won't forget their concerns.

"Who is most likely to remember the look on your face and the concern in your heart after the election is over? You should say yes to Hillary," he said.