Teen author chats with Matt O'Donnell

March 10, 2008 4:43:06 AM PDT
15-year-old Kristina Coia is the youngest author so far to visit the "Coffee Shop."

Kristina Coia is a sophomore in high school, and already she has penned two novels.

Her novels Falcon's Prey and Lymeria are fantasy reads that take the reader through lots of twists and turns.

Teens and young adults will be captivated by the magical land of Lymeria. Four friends come together to stop the machinations of an evil wizard.

Kristina chats with Matt O'Donnell about writing since she was in kindergarten and her plans for the future.

Kristina is a motivational speaker for young girls. She lives with her mother in New Jersey.

WEB LINK: Find out more about Kristina's Shine Through program