No consent for Spitzer call girl photos, publicity

March 14, 2008 7:08:30 PM PDT
A lawyer for the call girl linked to the downfall of Gov. Eliot Spitzer says the 22-year-old has been thrust into the "public glare" without her consent. Don D. Buchwald says some publications have used Spitzer's "political misfortunes" as an excuse to exploit the persona of Ashley Alexandra Dupre (du-PRAY') for commercial reasons.

Newspapers and Web sites splashed photos of Dupre in suggestive poses. She is known as "Kristen" in court documents that accuse Spitzer of paying for prostitutes' services.

Buchwald says Dupre did not consent to the use of her photos "in this manner" and that their usage may violate federal copyright laws. He says Dupre is not a public figure, but did not say they would sue media outlets.