Confronting the issue of lengthy bathroom breaks

March 21, 2008 4:53:59 AM PDT
A supervisor with telecommunications giant Qwest apparently decided to confront the issue of lengthy bathroom breaks by workmen, but it's not sitting well with union officials.

Union officials in Colorado say a Qwest supervisor tried to cut down on lengthy bathroom breaks by telling workmen to use disposable urinal bags in the field.

The manager distributed disposable urinal bags to 25 male field technicians, telling them not to waste time leaving a job site to search for a public bathroom.

A company spokeswoman tells the Rocky Mountain News there's no policy that requires field technicians to use urinal bags while they're out on a job.

The Communications Workers of America local hasn't filed a grievance. But one local administrative director says while the union deals with a "a lot of silliness in corporate America" this one takes the cake.