Mrs. Fixit:Circular Saw

April 2, 2008 5:32:17 AM PDT
A circular saw is a basic tool that you should probably have in your tool collection. It gives you the ability to make quick, accurate cuts much unlike it's handsaw counterpart.

You can pick up a circular saw in different sizes and with different features, but for the everyday homeowner a basic model is really all you'll need.

This particular saw is a size and a half inch, which refers to the diameter of the blade that it holds.

You can adjust circular saws to different depths for different woods and it also gives you the option to cut grooves into boards. You can also tilt the blade to make bevel cuts up to forty-five degrees. For safety's sake always unplug your saw when you're making any modifications or especially if you're changing the blade.

If you need to rip through the length of a board, you can buy a guide fence like this one, which will clamp securely onto the wood you're working with.

Then line the edge of the saw's guide up with the fence and slowly let it guide you through the cut. This will give you a much cleaner cut than trying to follow a pencil line.

As with any power tool, make sure that you read the instructions and understand its features before you use it, and don't forget your safety glasses! I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!