Mrs. Fixit: Shoe Solutions

April 12, 2008 3:49:58 AM PDT
If shoes and sneakers in your house seem to be multiplying faster than bunnies, I have some simple, shoe storage solutions for you!

If you have a closet door that swings out, try installing simple coat hooks or door stops to hang shoes on.

Measure the general width and length of your shoes. Use those measurements to figure out how many will fit across and down the door. Leave enough room between rows for the length of the shoes plus a couple of inches so you have room to move shoes.

If you don't want to put that many holes in your door, or if you're working with a hollow door, try peg board mounted on a simple one by two frame.

Hot glue strips of one by down each side of the back of the peg board panel. Then, mount the board on the door with screws or construction adhesive. Then simply place hooks where you want the shoes.

No closet door? How about an underbed rack. Install casters on the bottom of a piece of mdf. Hot glue or nail thin stopper strips around all of the sides so shoes don't slide off and then simply roll it under a bed.

Simple shoe solutions, I'm Mrs. Fixit and it's just that simple!