Del. woman robbed, kidnapped, and carjacked

April 13, 2008 8:55:15 PM PDT
A woman went through a terrifying ordeal in Delaware Sunday. She was abducted, robbed, and carjacked. The victim simply wanted a cup of coffee. So she stopped at a 7-11 on Four Seasons Parkway. The suspects emerged from behind the building.

Cpl. Jeffrey Whitmarsh from the Delaware State Police says, "They asked her for a ride. When she said no, one of the guys grabbed her by the arm and said he had a knife and forced here into the vehicle."

State Police say Robert Waldridge sat in the front passenger seat. Gunther Chapman sat in the back. They forced the victim to drive to the Wachovia Bank in the Peoples Plaza and take out cash from an ATM.

"Certainly a frightening, harrowing ordeal. Not only - it's bad enough to have your car stolen, to have your car carjacked, but to be kidnapped - that's as bad as it gets," says Whitmarsh.

After driving to a service plaza along I-95 near Newark, the suspects ordered the victim out of the car, and they drove off... but didn't get far.

Whitmarsh tells Action News, "(The car) was stopped for speeding. Apparently there was an unmarked county police officer. He was in an unmarked police vehicle. He was traveling up 95. These guys came flying past him, and I guess he said, 'not his watch' and he decided to stop the car."

State Police say the victim did everything right in this case. She complied, did what they told her, then immediately called 9-1-1.

State police say the two face carjacking, robbery, kidnapping and conspiracy charges.

The victim was not injured.

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