IRS rebates and electronic trades

May 1, 2008 3:16:18 PM PDT
If you're on the government's I-O-U list, don't count on money from the much-anticipated economic stimulus checks. If you owe Uncle Sam money in back taxes, child support, student loans or other items reported to the IRS, your stimulus payment will go toward those debts.

For instance, if you are 500 dollars or more behind on paying child support, your rebate check will be intercepted and sent to the person owed that money.

Electronic recycling

Wondering what to do with old electronics?

Sam's Club is introducing a new recycling program for small to medium-sized electronics. You can ship your desktop p-c, game system, or other items for free. If the item still holds value, Sam's Club members will get a gift card to use at the retailer for new purchases.

Best Buy has a trade-in program for used or old electronics. The chain will give you an instant estimate of your trade-in value, and then you can ship your old gadget to the retailer for free. In exchange, you'll get a Best Buy gift card.


Sam's Club recycling program

Best Buy trade-in program


Want to watch the Chronicles of Narnia or the animated movie Cars on Blu-Ray? Disney and Buena Vista are offering limited rebates on some Blu-Ray titles in an effort to get consumers to replace standard DVDs with Blu-Ray discs.

You can get 10-dollar mail-in cash rebates when you buy the Blu-Ray version of the same title, but you do have to jump through some hoops.

Not only do you have to send in the rebate form included inside the Blu-Ray disc package, but you also have to cut out the UPC code of your old DVD. Then snail-mail that code as well.

Blu-Ray titles eligible for $10 rebates are limited to:

"Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe"
"Con Air"
"Coyote Ugly"
"Crimson Tide"
"National Treasure"
"The Rock"
"The Rookie"
"Shall We Dance"

Disney, of course, is the parent company of ABC.

HD-DVD and Blu-Ray have been competing to be the high-def video formats. Ever since Toshiba announced it would no longer produce HD-DVD players, it appears Blu-Ray has won.

So Best Buy has been automatically sending 50-dollar gift cards to customers who bought HD-DVD players after February 23, 2008.

If you haven't received yours, call Best Buy's toll-free number 1-888-BEST-BUY or learn more by visiting the Best Buy website by clicking here.