Bandits flee South Street home invasion

April 19, 2008 6:30:04 AM PDT
Police are looking for two men who terrorized three women during a home invasion on South Street.

Police say the men, armed with guns, burst into an apartment late Friday night at 7th and South, not far from the busy restaurants and shops.

Once inside, police say the men tied up the women, stole their purses full of cash, credit cards, and other valuables and personal information.

The bandits fled without hurting the women. They managed to free themselves and call 9-1-1.

Adding insult to injury, police suspect the women were not supposed to be the victims. Investigators say the men broke into the apartment to hide out and wait for a man in another apartment to come home. They wanted to rob him. It's unknown if the women were tied up because one of them saw the intruders. Police want to hear from tipsters who may have seen the men, or who have any information on the home invasion and robbery.