Oil trucks stolen in Philadelphia

April 20, 2008 8:15:21 PM PDT
Police are looking for 2 home heating oil trucks that were stolen Sunday morning. One of the two heating oil trucks has been found. Police say one was recovered on the 1100 block of Harwick Street in Chester City. Police are determining if the truck that was found had been emptied of its diesel fuel.

"I came in the door, I was the first one here. 2 trucks were gone."

Driver Mike D'Amico is the one who discovered the fuel trucks missing when he arrived to make some deliveries around 9 this morning at the Royal Petroleum Corporation in the 6200 block of Paschal in Southwest Philadelphia.

Mike D'Amico tells us, "I thought at first maybe one of the other drivers came in early to take it. Then I didn't see nobody else's personal car so I figured: had to be gone."

One of the missing trucks contained 2800 gallons of home heating oil, another 3400 gallons of heating oil and diesel fuel. Combined the two trucks contained 6200 gallons of diesel fuel.

Drivers think someone may have hijacked the trucks to make some money.

"You know, prices are really high so they'll probably sell it for less money, that's all. Truck'll probably be okay. They'll find it," says D'Amico.

It could be someone looking to just resell the fuel but police have to consider as a possibility a more sinister motive.

Det. Gina Chestang tells Action News that Philadelphia Police have terrorist concerns. "They could take the trucks, offload the fuel and use them for whatever bomb making device they would want to."

Like a drilling and a hammering

Dorothy Thompson lives a few doors down from Royal Petroleum and doesn't know if it's related, but told police she was awakened during the night by strange noises.

"I checked my car 'cause I figured somebody was breaking into cars, so I checked all the cars and I didn't see anything. And I still heard the noise, that boom," says Thompson.

One of the missing trucks has a white cabin and a silver tank with Pennsylvania tag AE84792. It also has the number 5981 on its side. The other is a blue Mack truck with a silver tank and the word "Royal" written on the side. It has PA tag number AE20045.

Police say if you see the other truck call 9-1-1 and don't go near it.