Guardsman must leave school board while in Iraq

May 1, 2008 4:48:29 AM PDT
The Easton Area School District's attorney says a board member must step down while serving for a year in Iraq.

Solicitor Alan McFall says a Department of Defense directive bars a person who is in office who goes on active duty for more than 270 days from continuing the civilian functions. Defense Department Lt. Col. Jonathan Withington says active duty service members are expected to focus on their military duties.

Board member Timothy Reilly says he wants to review the directive with Mcfall. Reilly says he'll be disappointed if he can't continue on the board but he understands the Defense Department position.

The 45-year-old Easton firefighter is a staff sergeant with the New Jersey Army National Guard's 112th Fires Battalion. He expects to be deployed in June for a year in Iraq.

Information from: The Morning Call,