Wilmington adds 4 new red light cameras today

May 7, 2008 2:49:07 PM PDT
Drivers travelling through the city of Wilmington have four new red light cameras watching intersections as of today. Two of those cameras were added at intersections where there are camera already. The new cameras are positioned in the opposite direction. Those are Concord Avenue eastbound at Brook Street and South Walnut Street northbound at 2nd Street.

The two new locations are Lovering Avenue westbound at Augustine Cut-off and Concord Avenue eastbound at Market Street.

Six additional cameras will be on-line beginning July 1st at 30th and Market Streets; Lancaster Ave. and Jackson Street; Maryland Ave. and 7th Street; Pennsylvania Ave. eastbound and westbound at Van Buren Street and Delaware Ave. at Clayton Street.

The red light cameras have caused about a 70% reduction in red light violations according to city officials and have generated over $7.5 million in revenue for the city since 2001.

Tickets for violations are $75. No Division of Motor Vehicle points are assessed.