Flyers star tries new help for headaches

May 14, 2008 9:08:49 PM PDT
An injured Philadelphia sports star is at last on the mend, getting help from a treatment Action News first told you about in February. Lisa Thomas Laury has the story. All this season, flyers forward simon gagne has been in & out of the lineup with concussions.

In february, a few weeks after his last one, the concussion symptoms went away, but he was left with severe headaches.

"I could take Tylenol every 4 hours, and nothing was getting better," Gagne said.

That's when Gagne saw our special report on prolotherapy.

It uses injections of an anesthetic solution to reduce inflammation and jump-start healing in injured tendons and ligaments. It helped a South Jersey woman suffering chronic migraines. I watched that and said - that's a little bit like what I have.

Gagne and his trainer looked into it, and decided to give it a try.

Dr. Scott Greenberg says when he first saw the player, Gagne had trouble in his neck, back, hips, and even his jaw.

"His neck problem were causing difficulty with balance and coordination and his movement."

- all due to more than 20 years of hockey.

"Playing hockey is similar to having repeated car crashes, and whiplashes and back injuries, over and over again," according to Greenberg.

There is a moment of pain with the injection, but then, relief.

"It's been a good 3 weeks and no headaches."

Gagne says being in pain, and not able to play, especially during the playoffs, has been the toughest time of his career.

But he's rid of his headaches, and now getting fit.

"I think it's going to pay off next year," Gagne says.