Gay ex-governor declines radio job offer

May 20, 2008 5:06:44 PM PDT
New Jersey's gay ex-governor said he's turning down an offer to be a radio talk show host. Former Gov. James McGreevey said he won't entertain an offer from New Jersey 101.5 FM to host his own show.

McGreevey's tongue-in-cheek response Tuesday to the politically controversial station: "Thanks for the gracious offer, but I don't want to destroy your image."

The offer came after testimony in McGreevey's bitter divorce trial described him as "radioactive" in the work world since a gay sex scandal toppled his administration four years ago.

"Gov. McGreevey has claimed that he is 'unemployable' and the management of New Jersey 101.5 simply does not believe this to be true," the station said in written statement.

McGreevey, 50, has testified that he is too poor to pay his wife alimony. He is a seminary student who says he has borrowed more than $200,000 from boyfriend Mark O'Donnell to pay legal bills and other expenses.

Andy Santoro, chief operating officer at Millennium Radio New Jersey, insists the offer was legitimate, saying McGreevey remains "one of the most intriguing political figures in New Jersey's history."

Santoro said McGreevey turned down a previous offer because of "bad timing."

The station wouldn't say what it would have paid the former governor for his time on the air, but said it was willing to negotiate.

McGreevey is scheduled to testify again Wednesday when his divorce trial resumes in state Superior Court in Elizabeth.