Saving your child's artwork

May 28, 2008 9:45:05 PM PDT
Here are some websites to visit to save your children's artwork, rearrange your face, check out Mother Earth, or find a fantasy camp.Save Your Work

It may be almost time for summer break but if you want to preserve all the creative artwork your child produced over the last few months--we have a site for that.

It's called The creator of the site wanted to collect artwork created from kids around the world so it can be shared with everyone. Thousands of art teachers thought this was a great idea...because now millions of pieces of kids' artwork are being showcased.

After art teachers upload the student's creations...parents get a password which they use and share with family and friends so that the people most important to you can see your children's masterpieces!

You can also order products like mugs and t-shirts with the kids' artwork. The site is also a great resource for art teachers who want to share ideas.

Build a Face

Speaking of art, flashface provides a template where you can build a face.

You start with the hairline, add eyes, lips, jaw line...even glasses and a beard. The site also lets you adjust the symmetry of the face to create entirely different looks with the same building blocks.

Careful---you could easily spend hours on this site making major or minor adjustments to your portrait and come up with very realistic results.

A World of Statistics

Here's a map of the world----click on any country on any continent...and see how the statistics in stack up. gives you instantaneous statistics on an area's death and birth rate and how much carbon dioxide the country is emitting. In short, the presentation shows you the impact each country has on climate change.

Camps for Grownups

OK so you may be too old for little league but don't give up on that major league dream just yet.

An adult baseball camp in California is just one of the fantasy camps you can find on

Just pick the sport, activity or hobby of your choice, pick a region in the world and the site will direct you to camps that will teach you how to cook, how to drive a race care or how to rock n roll.