Philly's Zenescope comics invade Wizard World

June 1, 2008 10:23:22 AM PDT
The Arabian Knights of Zenescope tell all at Wizard World. Jessi Teich and Sami Teich represent Zenescope Enertainment. Zenescope is a Philadelphia based comic book company. What company do you two represent?

Jessi: We're with Zenescope Entertainment, they're an indepent comic book company based in Philadelphia. When did Zenescope start?

Jessi: Middle of 2005, so they've been open for a little while. They used to be a very small booth and now they're quite a large booth. What kinds of comics does Zenescope feature?

Jessi:They put out Grimm Fairy Tales and they're promoting a twisted version of Alice in Wonderland. We're the Sinbad girls, so they also do Sinbad Arabian Knights. Zenescope puts a new take on old fairy tales?

Jessi:Yeah. So you take your original fairy tales and then put a little more of a twist on them. They're really entertaining and the artwork is gorgeous. I love it. would you say this comic is more for mature readers?

Jessi:Yeah. Definitely. a local company, how do you see the comic scene in Philadelphia?

Jessi:You know, the more I talk to people and the more I tell them what I do at the comic conventions, the more they come out of the woodwork. A lot of my friends read comic books, especially the friends who are in the independent film industry. It's pretty popular. of popularity, we've been asking everyone about superhero movies. What is your take on all these movies?

Jessi: I think people just can't get enough. Comics are a visual thing and so are movies, so when you have the action scenes play out on the movie, I think it makes it more exciting. Do you see these movies as a way for more people to get involved in the comics?

Jessi:It is kind of like an entry into the world of comic books. If little kids, teenagers, or adults go see these movies, and are so excited about it, they will want to know where it come from originally and they're going to discover this whole ridiculous world full of tons and tons of amazing, amazing work. do you think people like comics?

Sami: I think everyone can relate to them and it also brings people into a fantasy world that everyone loves. I love the artwork, people love the storylines, and they're great.

Zenescope comics can be purchased at Brave New Worlds Comics in Willow Grove and Olde City.