Mark & Matt's Guitar Hero saga

June 1, 2008 10:57:07 AM PDT
In a world, where sometimes one just wants to rock out and in a place where Spider-Man drinks an energy drink in the same room as Waldo, two intrepid young men dared to tackle and conquer the ominous creation known as - Guitar Hero. Meet Matt and Mark.

They are two friends coming to Wizard World only to have to face the daunting task of not only playing Guitar Hero, but making sure they look good in front of their fellow Wizard Worlders.

While they waited in the line, the tension was insurmountable as Mark told his feelings about the upcoming performance.

"Siked," Matt said.

Perhaps, insurmountable was a slight overstatement, but there was a look of confusion for sure.

They had on their faces either the look of 'what have we gotten ourselves into with this Guitar Hero thing,' or the look of 'why is this guy taping us?' Either way, there were looks.

After a brief moment, Matt and Mark took deep breaths (or just regular ones) and stepped up to the platform.

Each grabbed his rightful guitar and stood in his place ? ready for the first note.

After choosing their selection, the two were on fire, until Mark's guitar failed on him.

But have no fear, these are Guitar Hero professionals and they quickly rebounded with another try.

Sadly, though, the same result occurred on the second go around.

Chaos ensued?to a certain extent, as in, Matt recalibrating Mark's guitar chaos.

Once the recalibrating ended, the fun finally began, though, make no mistake, Guitar Hero is a work disguised as play.

After pushing button after button, hitting every note, and jamming and slamming the riffs, the end of the song and this excellent adventure came to pass.

The screen may have said only player two rocked, but the Wizard World Guitar Hero platform onlookers saw before them two newly crowned Guitar Hero rock stars.

Dreams really can come true at Wizard World Philly.

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