Pa. Democrats elect last delegates

June 7, 2008 2:32:03 PM PDT
As Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton ended her presidential campaign, her Pennsylvania delegates to this summer's national nominating convention said they will heed her call for the party to unite behind Sen. Barack Obama. The Democratic State Committee, meeting in Camp Hill on Saturday afternoon, picked the final few dozen of the 187 delegates that the state will send to the August convention in Denver.

Clinton, speaking in Washington at around the same time, conceded defeat and threw her full support behind Obama as the Democratic nominee.

One of Clinton's Pennsylvania delegates, Angie Gialloreto of Allegheny County, says it's important that party leaders unite behind Obama. She says she'd like to see the Illinois senator choose Clinton as his running mate, but that she'll support the Democratic ticket no matter what.

Also Saturday the state committee got a pep talk from Sen. Bob Casey - Obama's leading Pennsylvania supporter. Casey urged the party to unite to defeat the Republican nominee-apparent - Arizona Sen. John McCain - this fall.