The unbearable heat taking its toll

June 9, 2008 8:44:40 PM PDT
Temperatures and humidity were still hard on people Monday night. Unbearable... that's how most people are describing these sizzling temperatures. Tonight people are doing their best to stay cool in what has been a challenging start to the month of June.

Since Block Captain Tracey Gordon got off work tonight, she's been going door to door to check on her elderly neighbors in her Southwest Philadelphia neighborhood.

"I am worried about senior citizens. They're worried about burglaries and they nail windows shut," explained Gordon.

Luckily their air conditioners were on providing them with much needed relief. Relief Ty Tim and his family are still waiting for. Their air conditioning units are not working properly and it feels like the temperature inside their home has exceeded the temperature outside.

"We sleep only like half an hour, 1 hour, when it gets real hot we wake up. And last night I was getting so tired because, you know, I can't sleep - all sweat," said Ty.

Sleep is something his wife desperately needs - she is 8 months pregnant. For now they try to keep cool by using fans but they just seem to blow the hot air around.

Lou Lanza lives down the street. He hasn't left his house in three days because he has a lung condition that makes it hard to breathe... the heat makes it worse. He tells us, "It makes it very hard to catch my breath. I've been coughing a lot just trying to catch my breath."

His air conditioning units help, but it's not the same as fresh air. He's hoping soon June will feel like is supposed to.

So this heat is more than uncomfortable and more than an inconvenience. Stay hydrated and ask for help if you need it. There's at least one more day of this.