Summer Beauty Buys!

June 9, 2008 9:03:32 PM PDT
With a bevy of beauty products hitting stores every day it can be hard to figure out what to buy and what to toss. If you're thinking about sprucing up your look for summer, here are some tools that may help you. "The No No is a definite must have for summer," said Nicole Gonzales.

And, with a price tag of $250, the No-No Hair Removal System promises to help you shave less frequently! "It gives you the instant gratification of having sexy smooth legs while you're working toward a goal of hair density reduction," added Gonzales.

Unlike laser hair removal or electrolysis, the product uses thermicon technology that transmits heat to the hair. This also means....

"There's no irritation no in grown hairs and no pain," said Gonzales.

At first, you have to glide the shaver over your skin surface two to three times a week, but three to four months later ?

"You'll be able to shave less frequently," she added.

The No-No works best on legs, arms, and back hair. It's not recommended for your face or bikini area.

For the next beauty buy we hit Polished Spa and Boutique on the Main Line.

Here Action News found the latest skin care craze.

It's called Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment. And, it's being dubbed a natural version of botox. "We relax the muscle and botox basically paralyzes the muscle," said Rita Naghshineh.

Celebrities like Madonna and Eva Longoria reportedly are on the growing list of fans of this facial treatment.

"You'll see results with the first facial," added The hyberbaric oxygen treatment works by first pre-coating your skin with a wrinkle-fighting, firming serum.

Then the machine emits therapeutic-grade hyperbaric pressurized oxygen into your skin.

"You'll see a reduction in fine lines and wrinkles because of that," she added.

Fifty year Margie Rosenberg is had her third facial when Action News stopped by.

Rosenberg said she is a believer. "It's definitely more hydrated," said Rosenberg.

For this session, only the left side of Margie's face was treated. And she saw a visible reduction in the lines around her eyes and mouth.

Her eyebrow also looked "lifted".

"I certainly feel that there's a difference," she added.

But, the hyperbaric oxygen facials come with a steep price tag.

It costs on average $1200 to $1500 dollars for six treatments.

We found a product that may help if you want to protect your hair from the sun's damaging rays plus have some added shine.

At a cost of about $30, Sebastians Cellophane may do the trick.

"It's almost like a sheer lip gloss for your hair that lasts four to six weeks," said hairstylist Carolyn Barrett.

At Salon Thalia in Center City, the treatment is becoming this summer's must have beauty indulgence.

"They have U-V protection and soy and wheat proteins so the moisturizers condition your hair and also protect it from the sun," said Barrett.

Kristen Dunkleberger wanted to protect her hair from fading.

As a double processed blonde she said her color looked dull and her hair felt dry.

The process is quick.

Sebastians Cellophane is brushed onto your hair.

Then you sit under a dryer for 15 minutes.

Dunkleberger was impressed. She said that her hair felt soft and looked healthy.

"I think there's a big difference," said Dunkleberger.


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