Man auctions 'entire life' on eBay

June 23, 2008 6:40:04 AM PDT
A British man living in Australia put all his material belongings up for auction on the internet on Monday, in a bid to start a new life after his marriage broke up.

Ian Usher is offering his house, car, and his job in Perth - as well as his friends - to the lucky bidder who outbids the competition and allows him to bid farewell to Australia after six years.

"It's been pretty amazing so far, quite exciting, the auction kicked off well and seems to be going great guns at the moment," he said.

"I've had, I think, two marriage proposals via e mail from people I have never met or heard of, and a couple of people asking if I'm going to auction myself off for a date," he added.

If all goes well Ian's plan is to head to the airport and catch the next available flight out of Australia, irrespective of its destination, and try starting a new life there.