Fireworks for sale!

June 26, 2008 4:28:58 PM PDT
Shops and roadside stands in Pennsylvania are selling fireworks for the Fourth of July. They can be sold in Pennsylvania but some can only be sold to out-of-state residents. These impressive-looking sparkler-based products are selling in many stores, but are they legal to use in Pennsylvania?

"These are like basically novelty products and these are completely legal," said Stephen Ngo with Nitro Fireworks.

Action News bought a few fireworks and set them off with the help of firefighters at the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center.

Although the packaging looked impressive, the show was pretty minor.

"Looks like maximum height is about 10 foot," said Fred Hashagen with the Bucks County Public Safety Training Center.

However, fire officials warn that even though some fireworks look small they are still dangerous.

"I definitely don't take them lightly," said Hashagen.

"Make sure when you do any of this that you stand back and you wait until it goes completely out," he added.

Other safety tips, make sure to place the products on a paved surface away from buildings and brush that can catch fire.

Also, be sure you have enough distance to get away, the rule of thumb is about 30 yards.

And wear eye protection and gloves especially for hand held fireworks.

Lastly, make sure to have water nearby to douse them once they go out.

And remember, just because the state allows you to have fireworks your city or township may not. "Check with your ordinance in your area especially for sound and for fireworks period even though their legal in Pennsylvania they may not be in your area," said Hashagen.

If you're still confused about what is legal and what is not, state police say remember this.

"If it flies or explodes it's illegal to possess as a Pennsylvania resident," said Captain David Young with the Pennsylvania State Police.

Now you may still see bigger fireworks at stores here in Pennsylvania.

Those are allowed to be sold here but they can only be bought by out of state residents.

That is a loophole in Pennsylvania law that lawmakers are trying to close.

But if you live in New Jersey or Delaware - you are not allowed to have any fireworks at all without a permit.