What's at "stake" at the meat counter?

June 28, 2008 Some are more tender, others more flavorful. Let's discuss a few of the most popular ones:
  • The king of steaks, tenderloin or filet mignon, is a boneless cut with a buttery texture that literally melts in your mouth. It's at its juiciest served rare to medium but, surprisingly, isn't as flavorful as our next pick.
  • The crowd-pleasing T-bone or porterhouse steak has a bone shaped like a "T" with the smaller side being a lower-fat tenderloin and the larger side a strip steak with a bit more fat that adds flavor.
  • Another popular cut is for those who like their steak a bit more well-done. It's the rib-eye. It gets its tender, juicy, rich flavor from the marbling and fat.
  • A steakhouse favorite that's easier on our budget, but still high quality, is the strip steak - it cooks up with a nice crust and has a robust taste.
  • A little less expensive are top sirloin and sirloin filets. They can be tender and juicy but tend to overcook quickly, so keep an eye on 'em.

Remember, you can always ask the butcher if you have questions. And now that you're a little savvier, you can choose the cut that fits your needs to grill steaks that always taste…


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