Thieves target gas cans

July 7, 2008 4:08:29 PM PDT
The high price of gas is being blamed for a new crime trend in Delaware. Police are trying to catch up with thieves stealing gas cans from storage sheds. Call it a sign of the times: the cost of gas has gone up so high, police in New Castle County say thieves are now breaking into backyard sheds to steal containers filled with gas.

"It's a little ridiculous," said Mark Bethoney of Newark, Del.

After learning about several recent robberies in neighborhoods like this one, Charles Tilghman plans to keep his gas container out of sight.

Police are warning homeowners to take precautions because now a five-gallon container of gas is suddenly a precious commodity.

A couple was arrested last week for allegedly stealing gas from a shed. According to police, the pair robbed a home, and broke into the shed after their getaway car ran out of gas.

Bridget Wismer's shed was recently broken into. Reason enough for her to put padlocks on the shed doors. She and many others are heeding the advice of police who say gas-related robberies are expected to continue to rise, just like the prices at the pumps.