Mrs. Fixit: Driveway Crack Repair

July 10, 2008 8:57:52 AM PDT
Tackle small cracks in your blacktop driveway as soon as you seem them, if you don't, they'll only get bigger and harder to fix. Plus they'll allow moisture to seep underneath the slab causing even bigger problems.

The first step is to clean the crack well. Use the pointed side of a five in one tool or a chisel to remove any loose pieces of dirt. Then clean all the loose pieces out with a shop vac or a leaf blower.

If there are any weeds or plants growing through the crack you will need to kill the weeds all the way to the root. Use a weed killer or some white vinegar to get the job done.

Once all the debris and vegetation are gone, rinse the area with a hose and let it dry completely. If there are oil spills or other such stains just clean the area with hot water and some automatic dishwasher detergent to make sure that the area will take the repair.

As long as the crack is a half an inch or less wide you can use a crack filler like this one that you apply with a caulk gun. Run a piece of tape along each side of the crack and then run a bead of the filler along the crack. Make sure that you keep a plastic putty knife nearby so you can smooth out any gobs.

Once the repair is finished, block off the area and keep traffic off of it for a good twenty-four hours.

That's it, an easy way for asphalt driveway cracks, so don't let them get out of hand! I'm Mrs Fixit and it's just that simple.