Right Now On The Net

July 17, 2008 3:14:20 PM PDT
A website with the kind of content you might not expect is drawing surprisingly large crowds online these days.

She's 28, her husband is in his 50s. Yes, it's exactly what you think. He's got a lot of money, but New York socialite Melissa Morris has a wildly popular blog, but probably not for the reason you think.

The whole scenario seems pretty cliche. Melissa Morris was a personal trainer for her now very rich husband Chappy, yes, Chappy Morris. In her blog at melissacmorris.com, the socialite talks about decorating her Upper East Side apartment and vacationing in the Hamptons and, of course, her Italian Greyhound, Monty. What's fascinating is the site has become wildly popular. The site gets 40,000 hits per month. But unlike most socialite websites, you won't find salacious gossip or compromising party photos. Instead Melissa focuses on the mundane and readers seem to love it. She also incorporates some self-deprecating humor and is very aware she is sort of a parody of the rich and preppy, after all she's married to a guy named Chappy.

LINK: http://www.melissacmorris.com

Newsboys and girls
Just because school is out doesn't mean these kids are taking a break. Ourkidsnews.com is a website where kids between 5 and 15, in any part of the country, can submit news that kids care about. The kids are editors, publishers and producers. The goal of the site is to empower kids with the tools and platform needed to creatively explore and express themselves in a format that is kid friendly and safe. It provides kids around the world with an opportunity to make news; break news and make the world a smaller place.

LINK: http://www.ourkidsnews.com

Book Swap
Doing a lot of summer reading? There's no reason to spend $20 or more to get that best seller. Log onto bookmooch.com. This is a community for exchanging used books. It lets you give away books you no longer need for books you really want. Every time you give someone a book you earn a point and can get any book you want from anyone on the site. Your only cost is shipping. You can even use your points to donate to charities.

LINK: http://www.bookmooch.com

Vintage Video Games Remember Pac-man and Space Invaders? Well if you ever long for those arcade and Atari classics, log on to neave.com. It offers some knock off versions of 80s videos and computer games like Astroids and Frogger. But remember these are just knock off versions of the games and you may find the site a bit hard to navigate but it is fun for a few rounds of fun.

LINK: http://www.neave.com