OJ co-defendant appeals for separate trial

August 5, 2008 11:19:27 AM PDT
O.J. Simpson's last remaining co-defendant in the armed robbery and kidnapping case is making a final appeal to the Nevada Supreme Court for a separate trial.

Clarence "C.J." Stewart's lawyer says the armed robbery and kidnapping charges in Las Vegas are all about Simpson, and anybody sitting next to him isn't going to get a fair trial.

A Supreme Court clerk says that the filing arrived Monday.

Stewart is facing trial with Simpson beginning Sept. 8. He's one of five men who accompanied Simpson during a confrontation in September with two sports memorabilia dealers at a casino hotel room.

Another former co-defendant, Charles Ehrlich, pleaded guilty Monday to reduced felony charges and agreed to testify against the Hall of Fame football player.

He's the fourth former co-defendant to take a plea deal and agree to testify for the prosecution.