Strong possibility Biden is Obama's pick

GREENVILLE, Del. - August 22, 2008 - A source described as excellent tells "Action News" that the secret service had been dispatched Friday night to pick up protection for Senator Biden.

It's a strong indication he is Senator Obama's choice for a running mate.

Obama gave a quote, and a possible clue Friday that has some thinking he's chosen the often outspoken Biden to be his running mate.

"The most important question obviously is this person prepared to be president, and second is can this person help me govern?" said Senator Obama.

For his part, Senator Joe Biden stayed behind the gates of his estate with family members at his side.

The question remains: Can Biden, or any other contender, satisfy the supporters of Hillary Clinton?

"I have always said that I will do whatever I can because I feel so strongly in making sure that we elect Senator Obama our next President," Senator Clinton said.

Meanwhile, Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell says he still believes Hillary Clinton is the best choice for vice president, but says Senator Biden comes in a strong second.

"We know him and like him in southeast Pennsylvania area as well. He would be a good addition for us. We're one of the most important states in the general. He would be my choice."

Biden associates tell the Associated Press they believe, but do not know, he will be tapped.

Additionally, several associates of Obama, including some at his campaign headquarters in Chicago, say they believe Biden is the choice, though they caution they haven't been told directly.

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