No buyers for Wis. man's million-mile Chevy - yet

CATAWBA, Wis. (AP) - August 26, 2008

Frank Oresnik said he failed to sell the 1991 truck during a 10-day auction on eBay that ended Sunday. He had placed a minimum bid of $30,000, and said all he got was a couple of feelers.

But he's not giving up.

The 58-year-old Oresnik said he is going to put the truck back on eBay later this week with no minimum bid.

Oresnik bought the truck 12 years ago when it had 41,000 miles.

He used the vehicle to deliver seafood in three states, putting on about 85,000 miles a year.

When the odometer hit a million miles earlier this year, on a road near Fond du Lac, the feat brought him national attention.

Over the years, the truck has had four radiators, three gas tanks and six water pumps, but the engine is still original. He practiced such car-friendly techniques as always letting the engine warm up first, even in summer, according to the Web site

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